Difference between Palm Sugar and Java Sugar

As one of the components that must be in the kitchen of the house, of course sugar is very familiar with our daily lives. Sugar itself has many types and uses. There are white sugar, refined sugar, palm sugar and palm sugar. Then, what is the difference between brown sugar and palm sugar?

Although it is often found in various drinks or foods, especially in snack box jakarta, many people think that these two types of sugar are the same. In fact, it is clearly different. From physical appearance and color, maybe the two types of sugar have a little resemblance. But actually, there are some significant differences between these two types of sugar.

1. Java Sugar or Brown Sugar

This sugar is also often referred to as brown sugar. This brown sugar is a type of sugar that is very often found on the market. This type of brown sugar also tends to be used more often by everyone, whether it's to make sweet flavors in food, processed snacks, or in drinks.

Brown sugar is made from palm sap or juice from coconut trees. By boiling this brown sugar is made. The boiling process is long enough to make the coconut tree juice into a caramel which will later be printed like brown sugar found in the market. Brown sugar contains vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium and iron which are good for health.

2. Palm Sugar

For some people, they still tend to be unfamiliar with this one sugar. Palm sugar itself is a type of traditional sugar that has been around for a long time. Then what's the difference from brown sugar? if brown sugar is made using extract from coconut trees or palm sap, this palm sugar is made from palm tree sap, which is processed traditionally.

The manufacturing process is also like making brown sugar by boiling it. The palm sugar mold is made also the same as brown sugar, which is printed using coconut shells that are half the size.

Palm sugar has good benefits for health as well, this sugar is very suitable for consumption for diabetics because palm sugar does not have insulin which affects diabetics. In addition, palm sugar has a higher potassium content than other types of sugar.

Another difference that is quite striking between brown sugar and palm sugar is that there is a color, the color of palm sugar tends to be lighter with a yellowish and reddish color than brown or Javanese sugar. As for the physical texture, palm sugar tends to be physically softer and if you measure the level of sweetness, palm sugar tends to be sweeter.

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