History of Traditional Sambals in Indonesia

Sambal is like a dish that cannot be separated from Indonesian culinary. Culinary with chili ingredients has a long history in this archipelago.

Suryatini N Ganie (2009) notes that there are at least 100 variations of food made from chili sauce. This shows how rich the types of culinary in the archipelago are. There is even a story that states that in colonial times, the most expensive household baboe (maid) was the best at making chili sauce. Sambal often become condiment in wedding catering

An archaeologist, Titi Surti Nastiti, said that in ancient Java, chilies had become a direct trade commodity. It is not surprising that chilies are a popular ingredient in this tropical region.

One of the most influential culinary experts of the colonial period was Catenius van der Meijden. She is a Dutch lady who lives in Indonesia. As a Dutch nyonya meneer, Catenius, assisted by a maid, is in charge of preparing special dishes for the whole family.

He is known for his skill in cooking chili sauce. He mastered various types of chili sauce. This lady then collected her cooking recipes into a book about cooking recipes that was published in 1942. Previously, she also wrote a book entitled Makanlah Nasi (1922).

Catenius van der Meijden's famous chili recipe is oeloek sauce and egg chili sauce. There are also other unique sambal names, namely sambal serdadoe, sambal banjak, sambal brandal, and others.

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